Kerry demands US troop pullout – The Boston Globe

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I can sympathize with presidential hopefuls, no matter what their party or their problems. It takes a certain kind of hope to make someone run for president, and much of the challenge of running is trying to keep a firm grip on the roots of that hope, while trying to navigate the practical realities of the campaign itself. (Said realities being largely out of your control, and/or dependent on world events or the actions and statements of others.)

In that sense, I can sympathize with what must be Kerry’s internal struggle over his external struggle over his relationship with the war in Iraq.

Kudos to him for finally making a straightforward mea culpa on the war, and here’s hoping he has the political sense to dig in even harder on that front. (Hoping that, I am, if only because it might help move the public debate forward, not because I want Kerry to succeed in his ambitions toward higher office.)

Do I think Kerry can trod forward steadily on the issue of the war, and do I think that he can salvage his presidential aspirations by doing so?

I’m doubtful.

Kerry demands US troop pullout – The Boston Globe

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  1. I feel the war is becoming to much like vetnam. this needs to stop. a new prisdent may be the aswer. however the way i see things bush did this and I feel he sould be made to clean it up . do not start a figth if you can not finsh it . one life is one to meany.

    Comment by charlotte kissinger — 4/22/2007 @ 6:42 am

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