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February 01, 2003

A Republican Dissent on Iraq (?)

There was an ad in the Wall Street Journal recently titled "A Republican Dissent on Iraq". Here it is as a PDF file.

It's pretty compelling stuff...I don't really find anything I can object to, and knowing it comes from Republicans to a Republican makes it all the more compelling. The only weird thing is when you go to the website the ad refers to. That'd be was started by Ben ("& Jerry's") Cohen, who I've never considered to be particularly conservative. If I was asked to guess, I would guess he's a Green or a Democrat. is endorsed by the following organizations:

Campus Greens -- Peace Action -- Co-op America -- Physicians for Social Responsibility -- Global Exchange -- Rainforest Action Network -- Greenpeace -- Rock the Vote -- Infact -- Service Employees International Union -- The Interfaith Alliance -- Sojourners -- National Council of La Raza -- United for a Fair Economy -- National Head Start Association -- Women's Action for New Directions

It's kinda surprising they were able to find the 30-or-so Republicans to sign onto that ad...that's not exactly a Republican-lookin' list of organizations.

I've got nothing against their effort to demostrate an in-party opposition to Bush's war plans, and I think the content of the ad itself is great, as I said. It just makes it seem kinda paper-thin when they send you to a website that loudly lists a clearly left-leaning list of endorsers.

You have to dig a little deeper on the site to find out about Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, which is the organization name that's on the WSJ ad, and which doesn't have any substantial presence on the site-- just this:

Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities
a group of 500 corporate leaders including the current or former Chairpersons or CEOs of Eastman Kodak, Goldman Sachs, Visa International, Phillips Van Heusen, Hasbro, Stride Rite, and Time Warner.

That ad would have had a much better impact if that Business Leaders group had a site of its own. I'm all for open disclosure, but you can be smart and tactful about it. Appealing to Republicans in an ad and then alienating them on the related website doesn't make much sense to me. I don't see any sign of the ad on their site, or even a mention of "A Republican Dissent on Iraq" -- never mind a focus area.

I just picture some on-the-fence Republican seeing the ad, and thinking "Oh, there are other Republicans who have doubts about the war...hmmm...that makes me feel more comfortable about having doubts myself. Oh! There's a website where I can find out more, and maybe join up with these folks. Let me check it out." And then he or she goes to, and is presented with a clearly left-leaning coalition site, with nary a Republican to be found. Sounds like a let-down to me.

Posted by Lance Brown at February 1, 2003 11:56 PM | TrackBack
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