Welcome to "30 Days of Raps About Principal Mark Cerutti"

30 Days of Raps About Principal Mark Cerutti was an original online protest in November and December 2003, launched in objection to the suspension of then-high-school-student Sashwat Singh for the content of his original rap CD by Brookfield (Wisconsin) Central High School's now ex-Principal Mark Cerutti. (Click here for the full-length original intro to the protest, with more background information.) 

This site remains up as an archive of that protest, and as a general opinion piece about censorship and "zero tolerance" policies in schools.

In addition to providing information and news stories about the situation, the protest involved the posting of 30 original "raps" written by yours truly about Principal Cerutti and other elements of the situation at Brookfield High.

Below are links to the 30 raps, in order (they are also listed down in the right sidebar of each page). I've asterisked some of my favorites, if you're feeling low on stamina. ;-) The thirty raps are also all together on one page in chronological order here.

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Be well, be free

Lance Brown

P.S. -  I am happy to report that Mark Cerutti  resigned in disgrace as principal of Brookfield Central, about a year after the rap CD scandal.  I'm sorry to report he now seems to be principal at another school, where he has apparently done away with student lockers. (All the better to prevent illicit CD distribution, I suppose.)

P.P.S. - I'm also delighted to report that Sashwat Singh has continued his pursuit of creating music, as DJ Sashwat. You can find DJ Sashwat on MySpace and on Facebook.

Day 1: The Principal Cerutti Beat Down Rap *

Day 2: Cerutti Calls The Cops

Day 3: Pep Rally (Cerutti Mix)

Day 4: Pep Rally (Student Mix)

Day 5: Short and Sweet

Day 6: Zero Tolerance, Pt. 1

Day 7: Zero Tolerance, Pt. 2 

Day 8: The Lesson *

Day 9: Suspension

Day 10: Rap Criminal *

Day 11: Cerutti Freestyle

Day 12: Cerutti Un-Freestyle

Day 13: History Repeats Itself (Unless It Doesn't)

Day 14: Zero Tolerance, Pt. 3 *

Day 17: Em Cee

Day 18: Literary Device

Day 19: Master/Slave Drive *

Day 20: Dear Mr. Cerutti

Day 21: Superintendent Matt Gibson *

Day 22: (Don't) Use The Force

Day 23: Oh Principal, My Principal

Day 24: Ceruttiatch

Day 25: La Résistance *

Day 26: 15 Minutes 

Day 27: Why Bother *

Day 28: 30 Days Lesson Plan, Part 1 *

Day 29: 30 Days Lesson Plan, Part 2

Day 30: 30 Days Lesson Plan, Pt 3 *