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Sideways ballcap lands Scottsdale teenager in jail
Day 30: 30 Days Lesson Plan, Pt 3
Day 29: 30 Days Lesson Plan, Part 2
Day 28: 30 Days Lesson Plan, Part 1
Day 27: Why Bother
Day 26: 15 Minutes
Day 25: La Résistance
Day 24: Ceruttiatch
Day 23: Oh Principal, My Principal
Day 22: (Don't) Use The Force
Day 21: Superintendent Matt Gibson
Day 20: Dear Mr. Cerutti
Day 19: Master/Slave Drive
Day 18: Literary Device
Day 17: Em Cee
Day 16: Zero Tolerance, Pt. 4
Day 15: Chaff v. Wheat
Bloggers speak out about Sashwat's Suspension
Day 14: Zero Tolerance, Pt. 3
Day 13: History Repeats Itself (Unless It Doesn't)
Day 12: Cerutti Un-Freestyle
Day 11: Cerutti Freestyle
Thanksgiving Break
Day 10: Rap Criminal
Zero Patience for Zero Tolerance
Day 9: Suspension
TONIGHT: Board of Education Meeting
Day 8: The Lesson
Download Sashwat's Banned Rap Album
Day 7: Zero Tolerance, Pt. 2
Day 6: Zero Tolerance, Pt. 1
Day 5: Short and Sweet
"Mista Cer-fruity" Mp3 audio file
Day 4: Pep Rally (Student Mix)
NY Times: In Schools, Bad Behavior Is Shown the Door
Day 3: Pep Rally (Cerutti Mix)
Vote in Milwaukee J-S Poll on Sashwat's suspension
Day 2: Cerutti Calls The Cops
About this Project
Day 1: The Principal Cerutti Beat Down Rap
Teens: submit comments to the Journal-Sentinel
Brookfield Students Speak Out
Submit a Rap or Poem
Suspension of student was too harsh, some say
FOXNews Commentary: School Principals Gone Wild
Lyrics to "Mista Cer-Fruity"
Cover & Songlist for "Minus the izzle*"
Charlie Sykes: Hypersensitivity & hypocrisy
Walker: Sashwat proves a good judge of music
Brookfield Central Makes the NY Post's "Weird But True" Column
District won't seek to expel
Student may be expelled for rap
Editorial: Strong rap on the knuckles
Teen's CD ranted against principal; he's suspended
Student Gets a Bad Rap
School suspends teen for rap lyric
Bad behavior at rowdy rally bans two students from Homecoming