November 16, 2003
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Have a rap or poem about Principal Mark Cerutti, or the goings-on at Brookfield Central, or zero tolerance policies, or school violence, or police in school, or any other related topic? Post it here in our comments section! Selected poems and raps will be featured as unique entries on this site.

Currently, we're only set up to take text lyrics, but check back soon if you've got a recorded rap or poem you'd like to submit.

Is anyone in Brookfield interested in hosting a recording session at their home computer? If you have digital recording equipment, you could perform a public service by hosting a recording jam for those who want to lay down some rhymes about Mr. Cerutti. Then we can upload them here so everyone can hear them!

Just keep it off of school grounds kids -- or you know what could happen!

Posted by Lance Brown at November 16, 2003 07:08 PM | TrackBack

aight ya see me rollin,now check the wheels spinnin like yall was bowlin,
this aint bout cash or clothes check it im here to rock harder den any other 15 year olds.
ya see first up the prblem wit rap is everyone scared to be original im wonderin whateva happen to digital,underground see im doin my own sound.
its like action movies an ol karate flicks you jean claude im sonny chimba doin dis fo kicks.
see ill try sumthin curious turn roun get mad cause im like the fast an the furious
i dont need cash or shyne i guess i got that ol state of mind.
see my name is Anthony K from around the way.
roun where well origanally form Detoit now in vegas city of crime come to the west an see what ya find
its like ya get hit wit belt buckles shout out to my dogs wit ashy white knuckles
cuz im always in some drama makin them ribs so good make ya wan slap ya mama
im close this by sayin i aint playin im like blade doing vampire slayin,vampires aint what'll get killed where earth is filled cavitys drilled cold outside ya get the cills like im from amytiville im here just keepin it real
my head aint hollow say i was to have my last tomorrow how many would listen to ol scholl follow

Posted by: Anthony Kisner at December 20, 2003 03:02 PM

You did the dirty,
bwoy u really hurt me,
now im scarred for life,
understand my plight,
you broke my fortress of stength,
erased clean our relatioonships length,
cos baby you were my evrything,
now all im left with is an empty shell of nothing,
I hope it was worth it,
Im a resident of lone a mould of misfit,
Im drowning in my pools of sorrow,
yearning for a brighter tomorrow,
pierce my heart with a thousand x I love yous,
which return as eternal backstabbing bruises,
Just anotha instrument to an owner of my heart who uses an abuses,
Im weary no longer am i gonna play the fool,
Coz im da success story gonna take control an rule.

Posted by: L.S.S.S at December 31, 2003 09:54 AM

yall think you know pain, you babes dont even know da name of da game,you keep frontin actin bad wen deres nuffin to be had,like deres somthin to get hol off in dis ol worlds fashions, wen through da race we all missin da truth of our passions,dis place is empty n cold,what matters is what coms from da soul,why we standin divided maybe coz we all a lil to highly prided,im sick of dis systems traditions,blankin truths like they alien transmissions,we all runnin da same rat race,lettin peeps slide wen dey dnt up da pace,wassup wid dis earth r we blind,maybe iz of a different mind,coz uz all livin n acceptin,foolin urselves n always deceptin,fine live da lie,cursed to da ancient days die,coz i know deres somthin more somthin more fufillin to satisfy me,ignorance i guess u deal as da key,like jus to be,is shrouded in mystery,think again my friends,to ur lives make a mends ,i plannin on livin a sound life,free from hate n strife,i leave u guys with da open door of hope,keep pretendin u cope,but wen u lyin awake in da dark ,jus u remember dis remark,Jehovah God is da light,Put up da fight,to acknowledge wats good n right,n make ur lives bright,see bibal truths in prophecy,and silence da fakes n imitators contravercy,be true coz som1s lookin down on u

Posted by: L.S.S.S at December 31, 2003 10:21 AM

I love u so deeply i love u so much. I love the sound of your voice,and the way we touch.I love your warm smile and your kind thoughtful way,the joy that u bring to my life everyday. Ilove u today as from the start,and ill love u forever with all my heart.

Posted by: fabian at January 6, 2004 05:07 PM

im buzzin freestylez from tha boatz that i smoked\off this herb laced wit embalmin fluidz\wit this chance i had but blew it\all tha shit i wrote on ma mind\when i spoke out of time\and didnt take enough of it 2 jot down on paper\till ma rymez iz hot like tha equator\spittin fo fun like they 45 slugz\comin from ma glok ma gun\wit 9 mm clipz\wen i bust one in ya shit\n tha rymez they stick 2 ya mind\fo good wen ya just been lit like ya should\n ya throw up ya blok like cripz in tha hood\itz dangourous mindz iz a gangstaz paradise\gettin ya state time wen ya bangaz get iced\like chiken bein spiced\wit crushed red peppaz n spanish rice\screami diablo or damoo\an angel 2 see on em\im tha gaurdian of they problems\wen they got line they jot em\so i spit tha linez out of ma mouth\ wit an east side taste of tha dirty south\
n snort it up threw ma nose\cuz im whit they say i pose\like eminem kind of flowz\so i hit they mindz till ma rymez start 2 shine\they rymez iz mine\2 say wut they say n do wut they do\2 skip skool wen they do n shoot who they shoot\n act like foolz cuz that all that we made of iz folly so they hate us\but i got a solid mind\and anger in my heart\but wen it dont show i look like a fuckin retart\who 2 skert 2 tear shit apart\cuz im tryin 2 prove myself by not goin back 2 jail\wit 25gz worth bail\right now im just not darrell\im tha whole other skitzofrnic side of him\tha whole fucked up side\that ya just dont wanna see\or think that i can be\such a statice in tha game\they just dont know ma name\i aint tha same little pussy that grew up afraid of his shawdo\cuz thatz all i had to look 4 wuz that shawdow dark side of me\that hard side of me that yal did not wanna meet\but ya ended up meetin him\think ma life wuz perfect and loved queer\well tha boy that ya loved iz tha monster that u fear\wen i let marilyn manson ring in ma ear\cuz i know that we wuz feelin tha same fuckin pain\itz comin out clear\but in different stylez of music\just some shit for tha nexed sik mindz amusment\like some drug abusing sheisty user\cuz wen ya listen 2 music like this\feels like ya shot up ya veinz or slit ya wrist\cuz ya feelin tha anger of my world stampedin through ya blood\like a herd of thugz\then ya min controlz tha actionz of tha drugz in ma songz\can tha addiction intoxicate your ritez from ya wrongz\people inhalin tha smoke in my anger\after lettin ya middle finger linger\after hittin like a bong\just wen u r listnin 2 ma shit that i spit on thiz album\that im tryin 2 produce wit ma boyz chris n brett\2 sell em or when i mail demoz\in your mailbox like unibomber bombz that explode in ya cd player\turn ya in2 a more powerful hater\of these fuckin towel headz tryin 2 hit us wit terror\wen were in tha air\and smash right dead smack into tha world trade center\2 give us a scare\n put fear in our eyez\i cant even put in my mind\or my heart\so how can i see fear wen im diein riht here\tryin 2 get this 2 ya ear\n through ya mind\2 buy n get me sighned\so i can spit anger in ya ears somemore\are ya makin it clear ya want somemore\cuz tha only time ya pop shit iz wen itz just ya boyz rollin wit ya\screamin gangsta wen ya cant fight ya battlez\just me n ma boyz flowin at ya\wit tha shake of diomond back rattles\i had enough of ya ya pussy ass counterfit motha fuckaz\runnin ya mouth\i aint eva felt like this but ima show ya wut ima bout\in utica new york\where ma manz be at\ but pussyz in camden walk up like where tha weed at\motha fucka thiz aint no free hand out\or no frontin give me tha money\n ill get u ya broke ass dime bagz\but thatz wen sheisty comez in\n thiz motha fucka ya know ya can trust him\i run off wit ya money\n but from ma connectionz wit bennifitz n hustle profit\ instead of pushing minumum endz till i roll in a benze ya go it\ (chourus) n i got this shit on ma mind\
that i flow all tha time\
that endz up on paper\
wen im writin deze rymez\
iz like bustin off ninez\
but nobody understand\
im bigga than dime at least
quarta sax of fine afgan bagz\
im sik off ya posin ass fagz\

written by Darrell Rude A.K.A SHEISTY

Posted by: gravehydro at January 13, 2004 08:11 PM

ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Posted by: at January 14, 2004 10:48 AM

yall katz flows suck, cause yall hold back/mick rips slow wit tactiks like Cojack/ get my toes sucked by Cerutti while on Prozac/... and shove his fist in his booty while i sip my cognac/ plus latly, it seems to me, that emcees aint at tha level, that they need to be,but baby/if you wanna trip off schematics/ mick a hit quick wit a backflip... tricked yall bitches,...don't really practise gymnastics/ however indubiously i do be making moves cross tha board / trasactions with nothin less, than a brick of that raw/and after mick beats you with that poverty stick,I be everybodys first lottery pick

Posted by: mickey at January 19, 2004 04:54 PM

im betta than all competator deadly like heavy sedatives leavin niggas dundadda im come through who be reppin shit? Its me, that cat A N T who flows deadly enough to rip another cats rhymes up, i grimey, come and find me if you want me, but when you taunt me ima haunt you for the rest of your life, until you stop me, but perhaps you can't, i'll make your own niggas turn on you, niggas won't even warn you that i'm coming, running at you yellin out something like stop frontin cause i'm dustin off these phony ass niggas who be frontin

Posted by: ANT at March 17, 2004 10:55 AM

yo this shit is crazy/ mr cerutti actin all hazy /cause he aint got lyrical skillz like sashwat/ and his boyfriend said that aint all he dont got /stupid homo just mad cause evry body else got a demo/ and he's stil copyin rymes off the internet/ did you hear the one by him and pac yet/ its bullshit the gimmiks hes pullin/ actin like hes tha man/ who tha fuk he think hes foolin/ he cant even run brookfield right /tha dumb fuk should know/ that whatever keeps tha pupils off his bak is worth doin/ he gonna fuk around and turn his life career and rien into ruins

Posted by: LiL d at April 20, 2004 02:48 PM

i need to be known!!!!!!!
- Christina Coffman

Posted by: Christina Coffman at May 2, 2004 10:52 AM

Trow It UP!
Do you know who run this
bitch me and click run this
yall ready to get krunk
lets tear some shit up
if you aint trowin shit up
get the fuck out the club
we dont fuck around we always
ridin on dubs
yeah we get down on some grey groose
we get drunk and let all the shit loose
we gots ta stop at the store , get some phillies
i gotta get high, lets smoke some weed
hold up we aint done theres more that we need
grab me and my click some gatorade
grab this non spittin shit bitch some fuckin hatorade
these men act like they got all the power
when me and ladies bank bread hour after hour
when we done with you, yall gonna feel like your on the highest hill
but we gots to run and keep stakin these bills
me and my ladies always be throwin it up
and we let everyone know that we dont give a motha fuck!!!!!
holla @ ch gurl,
Christina Coffman

Posted by: Christina Coffman at May 2, 2004 11:03 AM
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