November 16, 2003
Brookfield Students Speak Out

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Quotes from current students at Brookfield Central High School:


As a student at BCHS I know how Sashwat feels about Mr. Cerutti, and I know there are many others who feel the same way. I find it outrageous that the administration is making such a big deal out of this when there are other more important issues going on at our school. There are kids smoking, drinking, and doing drugs and they're worried about what one person is saying. I don't know about you, but I was always told talk about how I feel and to tell the truth. If I can do this, then why can't Sashwat. I think the School District of Elmbrook needs to reevaluate this situation and think about what really matters.


I'm a freshman at Brookfield Central and most of us at this school are very mad at what the administration is doing. Our school is very musically inclined and we know what is right and what is wrong. Freedom of Speech is not taken seriosuly anymore. In our district it is so common that things like this happen. The district doesn't realize that no one except for the district agrees with the way they handle situations. Every single day a police car carries at least 1 kid from our school. We aren't bad kids but Mr.Cerutti decides that he can't handle it and needs police involvment. That causes way too much controversy. What can I do to take action?


...I am a student(senior) at BCHS and beyond disgusted with the way Cerutti has decided to run our school this year. The man lies directly to our faces and expects us to eat up his propaganda. ...I am also a soccer player who by the end our season had more than half of our fans removed for reasons anyone would deem ridiculous. Well any information you need help with I'm on board...


...I would really like to help out. I dont want my Senior year (next year) ruined because of Cerutti. Just tell me what u need to be done.


From this article:

Students said that the assembly was not out of the ordinary and that it could be a case of students reacting to Cerutti's tougher style.

"Because Cerutti has been more strict than usual with the Homecoming events. People were a little more resistant to what he was doing, like the seniors standing up and turning around, that's not (what normally goes on)," junior Michelle Hoelker said.


I hope Cerutti won't be able to take this shit anymore and switches schools, leaving your class with a better principal for your senior year. I'm sick of all of these new policies and rules. Just let us be kids.

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Posted by Lance Brown at November 16, 2003 09:36 PM | TrackBack

I'm a sophomore at Brookfield Central, and I think this whole situation has been blown completely out of proportion. The whole student body knows Sashwat as a fun, creative guy. He isn't afraid to speak out. But obviously the adminstration won't let anyone share their opinions. I think all the student body wants is Sashwat to be free and Cerutti to be gone.

Posted by: at November 16, 2003 09:26 AM

Alright, maybe Sashwat shouldn't have done it. But the fact is that Cerutti is such a bad principal. HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Doctor Love at November 17, 2003 06:52 PM

Most high school kids can honestly say that they hate their principals. Its just something that comes naturally. At BCHS, we have gone through 3 principals since I started school here freshman year.(2000) This is our third principal now, and by far the worst. I personally know Mr. Cerutti, and he is a good man. Hes very funny and outgoing and nice, but he is horrible when it comes to enforcing rules and being a principal. He doesnt know how to deal with anything himself, thus he calls the police everyday to do it for him. We have police at every social event our school puts on. It's not right to have police officers telling you you can't cheer at football games, or telling you that you can't be anywhere near the doors at the homecoming dances, because you "might" smoke pot. Cerutti doesnt know what he's doing. If theres a problem in our school with one of the students, the assistant principals go and work it out. If Cerutti gets word of whats happening, he just calls the police. Sashwat didn't do anything wrong. Alot of people may say that his lyrics were offensive, but whose lyrics arent these days? Oh yeah, and also, when word spread in our school that Sash had gotten suspended, Cerutti had the nerve to get on the announcements on TV and tell us that he was in danger of being harmed, and thats why he had to take action. As if we were supposed to feel sorry for him and relate to him for some reason. He cancelled all of our pep assemblies for the rest of the year strictly because a group of students stood up and turned their backs to him while he was talking. He isn't punishing us because we're being bad, he's punishing us because were being offensive to him. Not harmful, but offensive. Who cares. Deal with it. Thats why you're the principal. I just hope that Sash gets a record deal out of this and can look back at Cerutti and just laugh in his face, but wait, that might be considered a "threat".....

Posted by: at November 17, 2003 07:31 PM

Having been a a student of BCHS, I feel that some of you just need to grow up just a little bit. There is a sense of hierarchy when it comes to being principal, and if something comes along to disrupt that kind of control, you might see something like the incidents that have occured due to this senior class. You pushed and pushed the administration, and now you are feeling what it's like when they push back.
So all I have to say to you seniors of 2004 is this:
~Grow up and let this go, there are more important things in the world to try and fix.
~A rap saying that you are going to beat the principal down will ALWAYS get you in trouble, even if you lived in Milwaukee.
~Realize that you are not the only year or even school to have a terrible principal.

So please quit complaining about this incident. You're starting to make your class look like an immature bunch of 5th graders...

Posted by: 2003 Senior at November 18, 2003 06:15 AM

Wow. You really don't get it "2003 Senior", do you? Great points. Really, I mean, having an opinion against people in your every day life is a horrible thing that you should be punished for (sarcasm). Also, I think it's really important for us to grow up, like you said numerous times (Oh wait, no... We are in High School. We should grow up when we are "grown-ups")... Great, a terrible principal. Our school has taught us, in the class' curriculum, about the amendments. What kind of a school punishes kids for rights that they have and are taught about IN school? Sure, it can happen, as it did, but it SHOULDN'T happen. I'm sure there are other horrible principals taking charge of the administration, but as I recall, we are at a school (a learning environment) -- not the Brookfield Police Department, as we get greeted by a police officer day by day. I don't think this is something that should be ignored, and I don't think anyone who is concerned about the issue is an "immature... 5th grader." If, this were true, this site (by a future candidate for the president of the USA) wouldn't care so much about the issue. The reason why it is such a big issue, is because it is so controversial. Sure, I should've been punished, but not for threatening the principal. It should have been for selling/distributing goods on school property (1-3 day suspension). Everything I did was made out of school. I can understand if you don't like the language I was using, or the form I chose to express myself in. But with the way that you are putting things together, you should have the right to sue me, because I think you are stupid as hell and don't know what you are talking about. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion; but I'm just going ahead and giving mine, which in this case, is a strong opposition.

And another note... it has nothing to do with what you said, but I'd like to take this time to QUOTE Dr. Matt Gibson on something he said in the meeting in front of my parents, my lawyer, and I at the Elmbrook School District Head Quarters:

"I actually toyed with the idea for quite a while about whether or not to have an expulsion hearing and extend your suspension an extra 10 days just to make your life a living hell."

I'm not offended or anything by this. I was just kind of shocked when I heard him say this. It seems as if there is something wrong with him saying that, but he still has the right to say it. Nonetheless, I think it is just re-stating how the administration thinks; that they are more interested in the length and harshness of punishments that students receive, in sort of a "police-state" manner, rather than doing a good job as school administrators, and working to strive for success as a normal administrator would. If Mr. Cerutti wanted to resolve the issue, he should have looked further into the source and reason for why the song was written. There may be a reason why all the kids at our school feel the same way.

Sashwat Singh

Posted by: Sashwat -- In response to the ignorant Senior at November 18, 2003 03:56 PM

As a former student of BC, and a friend of Sashwat's, I would personally like to say that I am deeply saddened that it had to come down to this. I can't even tell you how many times last year we heard "feldman sucks" or how many times we quacked at pep assemblies (Dr. Feldman was our principal last year). People even went so far as to dress up like penguins to make fun of him. And they received no disciplinary action whatsoever, and why? Because they were expressing an opinon of their principal, something which every student has a right to do. If every student got suspended for saying bad things about their principal, what would there be left of the school? If Cerutti knew sashwat he would understand that he would never actually harm him. Ever. It's not like sashwat is this dangerous kid, he's really genuine and even though we've had our disagreements (such as our level of love for dancing during the musical), i love the kid to death and this whole situation is ridiculous. Freedom of speech, people. simple as that! Additionally, this can be paralleled to President Bush...are all the people who say things like "I hate Bush" or have these huge public bashes of him really going to pose any threat to him? Probably not. And would sashwat really have hurt Mr. Cerutti? No! Just as the rest of the BC body who dislike him wouldn't have either. Sashwat just chose to put it on a CD for a few laughs.

Posted by: another (hopefully nicer) 2003 senior at November 18, 2003 11:11 PM

David Schafler

Posted by: at February 10, 2004 04:27 PM
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