November 19, 2003
Day 3: Pep Rally (Cerutti Mix)

[Note: This song is based in part on this episode, and events related to it.]

Pep rally ("Noooo!")
Pep rally ("Noooo!")
Pep rally ("Noooo!")
Here comes a pep rally

Pep rally ("Noooo!")
Pep rally ("Noooo!")
Run for your life
Here comes a pep rally

There's gonna be
A pep rally today
And I'm nervous about
What the kids might say
I'd rather not have
All those kids together
'Cuz a group of teens
Equals stormy weather

Because the principal is me
And I really like order
Look close and you'll see
I'm an order hoarder


I'm not crazy about kids
Especially if they're yappin'
That sort of thing makes me
itch to be slappin'
Some suspensions down
on a player or two
'Cuz they practically managed
to pull off a coup

They got a better response
from the kids in the stands
Than I ever do
With my rules and demands


I'm not trying to sound like a jerk
But if there's a pep rally
I'm not coming to work

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