November 20, 2003
Day 4: Pep Rally (Student Mix)

We wanna gather
Let's go beg for permission
A student rally
Is looked at with suspicion

The principal
Sees us as a threat
Even though he ain't seen nothin' yet

Here's the story--
We gathered in the gym
To have some fun
and raise enthusiasm

He made it hard
And before the rally had ended
Two volleyball players
Had been suspended

Suspended from the school
and from the team and homecoming
Cerutti wanted to show
the pain he could bring

To anyone
Who challenged his might
He's looking for a fight

And he'll get one
But there's no need to smack
We just turn our backs
When it's his turn to speak
That really burns him up
It reddens his cheek

He wants our respect
But that goes both ways
If he talked to us, not at us
Maybe we'd hear what he says

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