November 23, 2003
Day 7: Zero Tolerance, Pt. 2

Zero tolerance
Zero making sense
Zero evidence
That a crime
Has occurred
Have you heard?

About the lemon drop
And the plastic knife
And the drawings of the soldiers?
First-aid kit blade
finger guns
water guns
paper guns
Pringle can rocket
and a
Rubber band & finger?
All suspension bringers

9 suspensions
Of common sense
9 examples of
"Zero tolerance"

At their worst, the kind of zero tolerance policies opposed by the American Bar Association send a chilling message to children, said Dasbach.

"These policies teach children that justice is inflexible, and doesn’t care about circumstances, or fairness, or good sense," he said. "And they teach children that they have no rights -- that they are criminals if they play innocent childhood games, say the wrong thing, or share a lemon drop candy with a friend."

Quote from Lemon drop drugs and paper guns: Zero-tolerance laws get bizarre

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