November 25, 2003
Day 9: Suspension

Some people stop to mention,

"It's not like it's the death penalty --
it was just a suspension."

But there's a crucial point
They musta not understood--
What the kid did
was arguably good

Peaceful expression
And trying to be understood

And for that effort
He got dissed
He's not a violent kid
Maybe that's the point you missed

It's creative, as the school admitted,
"Musical expression"
And not a real threat
I hope we learn the lesson

But it doesn't look good
With the Ceruttis of the world
ruling the 'hood

(No suspensions this week!
Knock on wood)

And no calls to the cops
Must be a miracle
Zero tolerance
Has made us hysterical
As a nation
It's fear domination
And it's frankly insane
Fear and the media
Messin' with our brain

To think a song is a threat
When there's a lack of intention...
Or that a CD exchange deserves suspension...

Defies easy comprehension

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