November 26, 2003
Day 10: Rap Criminal

Rap criminal
without committin' a crime
If you're gonna diss The Man
Then be prepared to do some time
Out of school
For breaking the unwritten rule:

"Don't criticize your elders
Even when they act the fool"

I say, break it
If there's a punishment
Then take it
It's OK to find
your discontent
And awake it

And bring it out
Into the form of a song
And hand it out to your friends
To sing along

There's nothing wrong
With a little verbal fit
We all have anger
It's what you do with it
that really matters
And writing it down is fine
Given a choice, I'd rather
see it line by line

Than blow by blow
Or even shot by shot

I think we can all agree on that
Maybe not

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