December 03, 2003
Day 13: History Repeats Itself (Unless It Doesn't)

(This one's more of a poem than a rap -- which is fitting, given the subject matter. It's about this incident.)

When I was young
About Sashwat's age
I put a bunch of words
Down on the page

In the form of a poem
About a teacher
(Unwittingly, I was looking
for a way to reach her.)

It was pretty mean
Because I was really mad
About a number of unfair
Practices she had

I got suspended
A big mistake
Because I'm not an easy
Person to break

As soon as I got home
I picked up the phone book
And for the school boss's bosses
I did look--

State Department of Ed.
And I gave 'em a call
Told 'em how my punishment
was doled out in the hall

Before I even had a chance to state my case
(i.e., of due process there was no trace)

So anyway,
to make a long story short
They reversed the decision
of The Principal's Court

And the lesson learned?
Depends on your perspective
It certainly didn't serve as
A means of corrective
It was more of a provoker
And in my eyes,
the school became the joker

They prolly thought they were
Denied a chance
to correct the character
Of young, rebellious Lance

And they were, thankfully
Given their idea of correction--
The ill-minded concept
Of punishing expression

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