December 05, 2003
Day 15: Chaff v. Wheat

Sash was compared to Eminem
And the Columbine killers
I don't know for sure
Which comparison was iller

Oh wait -- yes I do
It was the latter one
Because the CD
Was just Sash havin' fun

Not a plot or a plan
It was plain to see
To compare him to Dylan is a travesty

(I don't mean Bobby D. --
I mean Dylan K.)

Sash likes to speak his mind
Or so the people say

That's all the CD was
And they overreacted
It was a bad call
And it should be retracted.

"But what's the big deal?"
I hear y' all sayin'
So I'll repeat it:

So have his parents tell him not to swear so much
And that "faggot" hurts people even if you're jokin'
And that things you say about your mom
Should be weighed heavily before spoken

(In other words
Just fix the things
That were actually broken.)

But the problem wasn't that he spoke out
Felt bad about the principal, decided to shout
And he didn't really make a threat
(Some folks still don't understand that yet.)

And if our leaders can't handle critique
(In this case, it's the principal of whom I speak),

Then they shouldn't be in that position
Because if you're gonna lead
You've got to expect
That there's gonna be bitchin'

It comes with the job
It's called dissent
And those who suppress it
Have cause to repent

Because even students
Should have the right
To pick an argument
Instead of a fight

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