December 06, 2003
Day 16: Zero Tolerance, Pt. 4

Police in the school
Is a high impact tool
And unless you are a fool
You will use it with discretion

Let's not abuse the lesson
That came from
That magic word
Justifying the absurd


Zero tolerance
Makes me wince
Because it so often represents
Overreactive nonsense

Zero tolerance
Makes me wince
It's ineffective defense
And an offense to sense

Zero tolerance
Makes us dense

You can read a hundred stories
And they all sound the same
They'd be funny if they weren't
Such a crying shame

You can say it's no big deal
or pretend that it's not real
Everyone's entitled to the way they feel

But you'll be fooling just yourself
Putting reason on the shelf
And giving cause to question
your mental health

"Zero tolerance" must come to an end
We must think before we suspend
One size fits all is never true
That's why I wrote this song for you

(repeat chorus)

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