December 09, 2003
Day 19: Master/Slave Drive

Singh a song
Singh out loud
Singh out strong

Shut up
Or I'll suspend you again
Also, go to the head doctor
And get checked from end to end

Because you make me nervous with your critical talk
And I'll be watching where you walk
And what you do
And who you're handin' CDs to

Hey Sashwat
I heard what you think
You better sign this thing that says
You have to see the shrink

You rabble rouser
You spread dissent
And for that you must repent

That's why I'm here
I'm the one to make it happen
Cuz in my school there'll be
No student rappin'

And contraband
Like lyrics and music
Will make me reveal
My magic trick:

You disappear,
I look firm,
and you're kneeling down
Begging to return

And if you don't like it
You've got no choice
Inside these walls
I control your voice

Take it or leave it
Or leave school altogether
'Cuz I'm only your friend
In friendly weather

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