December 13, 2003
Day 23: Oh Principal, My Principal

Oh principal, my principal
Not the first, not the last
Ever since you came to school
I wish I had no class

I mean
I wish I didn't have to be here
Under the same roof as you
Because when it comes to running the school
It seems you don't know what to do

You've alienated the students
That was your first mistake
Now you scapegoat one that's creative
Because he wouldn't give you a break

In his rap, and you thought you could stop it
As if you can control speech
I think what you'll find
Is that there's more of that kind
And what's in our mind
Is out of your reach

The lesson you'll learn
Is that you just made it worse
Free speech is an irrevocable curse

Sashwat's album was further spread
By the decision you made inside your head
He's more famous, you're less respected
All due to the choice you selected

"But I had no choice,"
I can hear you whine
And if that helps you get by, fine

But it's clearly not true
And you're not excused
by the false logic
so many before you have used

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Top site fella, keep it up!

Posted by: DC at December 14, 2003 04:45 AM
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