December 17, 2003
Day 27: Why Bother

30 days
30 raps
Now that's some crazy crap
It's extreme
I'll admit it
But you probably won't forget it

Sometimes you just have to take a stand
Tell those in command to talk to the hand
Resist the resistance and do as you'd planned

The powerful, no matter where they are
Need to be challenged, more than most (by far)
Scrutinized, critiqued, and held to account
A greater than ordinary amount

Which brings us to glorious freedom of speech
Which brings those things into our reach
We can talk about our leaders, and keep them in check
We can highlight things for the public to inspect

At least we can as adults, to some extent
But kids are left wondering where the Bill of Rights went
It's taught in schools, but it's not obeyed there
'N they're all like, "I've got rights? When? Where?"

They're out here (most of them)-- coming in a few years
Just grit your teeth and wait, and have no fear
You're just living out a fake, forced reality
Where you can be punished for having personality

It's a sad state of affairs, but it doesn't last forever
Someday you will own your life -- better late than never!

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