December 18, 2003
Day 28: 30 Days Lesson Plan, Part 1

The Parents

Here's a message to the parents
Of Brookfield and elsewhere
You need to be lookin' out
For your child's welfare

In the case of the schools, that can mean resistance
To things like forced drugging, and zero tolerance

It means not buying into their "We Need Order" claims
And not lettin' 'em off the hook for having positive aims
School is a system, and you force your kids to go there
The least you could do is be vigilant and aware

You're ultimately the bosses of those who run the school
Don't let administrators play you like a fool
Stand up every single time for the rights of your child
And your own rights as a parent to decide what's too wild

School as surrogate parent is a problem set to happen
Think about it: who should decide what a given kid is rappin'?
Or writing, or thinking, or drawing, or doing after school?
If you answered "the principal", you got it wrong,
And if I was impolite, I'd call you a fool

Where I come from, it's parents that have the final say
On what music their kid can listen to or play
And if my mom had felt someone stepping on those toes
She would have stood up loudly, and loudly said "No!"

Maybe it's a "different time"
Maybe school shootings turned black into white
Maybe you should just lie down
And sign over your kids' rights without a fight

I doubt it though, and I hope you don't
And I'll keep fighting, even if you won't
Because bureaucrats should not be raising kids
And you shouldn't have allowed what Cerutti did

Sashwat's not the first, he's just part of a trend
You might want to give some thought to how such a trend might end
A trend to suspend for every little thing that might offend
You might have every thinking student not allowed to attend

Will it prevent school shootings? Or stop school violence?
What's the violence-prevention logic in enforcing silence?

I don't know-- I'm asking
Maybe someone has the answer
Hell, maybe zero tolerance policies
Are just shy of a cure for cancer

But you ought to give it some thought
Because it's not a small matter
And though this may not be the best rap
It's more than just idle chatter

Posted by Lance Brown at December 18, 2003 11:59 PM | TrackBack

Heard on Belling about the BC student and the anti-Welfare sign inside his locker. I am a Marquette Law student and we have a student speech problem for our Moot Court competition. The long and short of it is that a school cannot punish or threaten to punish a student for free expression unless it can show that the expression is likely to disrupt the school's operations or invade the rights of others. Based on what I have heard, this student has a good case. Please contact me via email if you desire my help.


Posted by: Rudy Kuss at March 12, 2004 08:12 PM

dawg that shyt was tighter then a mothafuker . way to go boy

Posted by: dimitri at May 9, 2004 12:13 PM
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