December 20, 2003
Day 30: 30 Days Lesson Plan, Pt 3

The Students

If you're a student who's been reading along
My message should be perfectly clear
But since you bothered, lean over here
and I'll shout it in your ear

Throughout your life there'll be people
who try to cramp your style
When it comes to your individuality
You should go the extra mile

It's worth fighting for and preserving
And it's the only one you get
You should count yourself lucky
It hasn't been taken from you yet

Your individuality, I mean
your unique defining style
Your voice, your purpose, your attitude
And the things that make you smile

Know yourself
Express yourself
Stand up for your self
Be yourself

People will try to take it away
Try to control what you do and say
Bullies will try to shape your persona
Make it clear to them that they ain't gonna

Sashwat's album was nothing fantastic
But it's great that he bothered to make it
And it's not really his problem to solve
If there are some folks who can't take it

Kudos to Sash for getting something of his own done
Anyone who's 10 or more should know it was all in fun
Here's hoping your career of radical expression has only just begun

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