November 24, 2003

Download Sashwat's Banned Rap Album

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You can download the rap album that got Sashwat suspended for 5 days (and threatened with expulsion).

Click here to download Sashizzle: Minus The -izzle* (29 Mb .ZIP file).

Or just click the album cover here:


I wouldn't recommend bringing it into school, unless you have a passionate lawyer on your side.

If you'd rather just download the song that was cited as the reason for the suspension, click here to download "Mista Cer-fruity (A Song for our Principal)".

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November 21, 2003

"Mista Cer-fruity" Mp3 audio file

Click here to download the song that inspired all the hubbub -- "Mista Cer-fruity (A Song for our Principal)". Be warned -- it's as filled with swears and homophobic comments as the lyrics make it appear to be.

November 14, 2003

Lyrics to "Mista Cer-Fruity"

This is the song that was used as a justification for Sashwat's 5-day suspension.

WARNING -- this song contains many many swears, as well as homophobic and violent lyrics.

Mista Cer-fruity (A song for our Principal)

by Sashwat Singh

This song may get me an extra fuckiní sale,
But then again this song could put me up in jail.
This fucker calls the cops for any-fucking-thing.
Girl I saw your belly button (Psshh Wada-Bing).

Bring in the stupid fuckiní cops, (pause)
Arrest every single fuckiní chop. (pause)
Find any-fuckiní thing,
That the kids fuckiní do,
And sweep em all out like a mop.

When will you learn that we donít like you here?
We fuck free, smoke free, and drink our fuckiní beer.
Chill out, and let us have some fun.
Donít punish us cuz thereís a hotdog up your bun.

You come in, actiní like a child,
You act all, mother-fuckiní mild.
But youíve been here for one fuckiní month,
And half our kids are fuckiní filed.

That is un-cool,
You shouldnít run our school,
When will you realize that youíre a fuckiní tool.

Donít try and straighten us out DICK!
Donít call the po-po on us PRICK!
We donít give a fuck bout what you fuckiní say,
I said we donít give a goddamn FRICK!

ďCerruti is a faggot, Cerruti is a faggotĒ
And itís fuckiní true maggot,
Youíre a fruity Bob Saget.

Get the fuck outta Brookfield SLUT!
Go home and fuck your boyfriend IN THE BUTT!
Run around in search of fat dicks to suck,
But donít do it anywhere here NUT!

SACK (mother-fucker) leave this fuckiní town!
If you donít then Iíll fuckiní beat your ass down!
You think youíre some kinda mother-fuckiní clown.
But donít fuck with me, Iím mother-fuckiní brown!

Get the fuck outta here.
Go play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself asshole.
You better back the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up.
No one wants you anywhere near here, so go to the grocery store and get me a fuckiní beer.
Donít fuck with our cheers at our games.
Fuck the bodyguards at them too. Thatís a shame.
Youíre goiní down in the Hall of Fame,
For the gayest principal that ever came.
Right under Feldman, Bitch.

Cover & Songlist for "Minus the izzle*"

Click here to view the cover and songlist for Sashwat's CD, "Sashizzle: Minus the -izzle*" in a pop-up window.