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June 21, 2004

Boston Globe Ed: An involuntary army

Boston Globe / Opinion / Editorials / An involuntary army


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June 20, 2004 New Abuse Charges New Abuse Charges -- Jun. 28, 2004

Could the abuse of prisoners in Iraq have gone beyond the beatings and sexual humiliation already alleged? Unreleased, classified parts of the report on prison abuse from Major General Anthony Taguba, which were read to TIME, contain indications of mistreatment of female prisoners. In a Feb. 21 statement to Taguba, Lieut. Colonel Steven L. Jordan, former head of the Abu Ghraib interrogation center, said he had received reports "that there were members of the MI [Military Intelligence] community that had come over and done a late-night interrogation of two female detainees" last October. According to a statement by Jordan's boss, Colonel Thomas Pappas, three interrogators were later cited for violations of military law in their handling of the two females, ages 17 and 18. Senate Armed Services Committee investigators are probing whether the two women were sexually abused. The Pentagon declined to comment.

Meanwhile, a class action filed in California on behalf of former detainees raises the specter of brutal physical abuse.

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June 18, 2004

Biterman: Traveling a different route: Bad-who for U.S. President?

Traveling a different route: Bad-who for U.S. President?

by Aaron J. Biterman
posted: 7/3/03

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June 17, 2004

Could the Draft Come Back?

MSNBC - Could the Draft Come Back?

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Johnny Ramone losing cancer fight

Johnny Ramone once handed me his guitar pick from onstage at a club when I was a teenager. I was squished in the front row, and at the end of each song I would scream and reach toward Johnny, who was about 2-3 feet from the end of my reach, if that. And during one of these brief moments (the Ramones would break between songs for only as long as it took drummer Marky to say "...2, 3, 4!"), Johnny quickly reached forward and slipped his guitar pick right into my hand. It has ruts in it, caused by the pick slides that come during "Psychotherapy", which was the song just finished as I was given that trinket -- and that lasting memory -- by Johnny Ramone. - Report: Johnny Ramone losing cancer fight - Jun 16, 2004

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